No More Malfunctions with Vida Maintenance Management Application

Use Vida App to ensure machine park long uninterrupted operation, improve your institution's maintenance management culture.



Vida is a computerized maintenance management application that helps industrial business management. It allows you to keep and track factory-related records such as malfunctions, inventory, meters, and maintenance schedules. Thus, you can make more profit in terms of time/cost while using your machinery and equipment for a longer period. You can easily access the application through the web, tablet, and mobile.

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By creating a 'Care Culture' in your business, you can save time, energy and costs, and make your production capacity more efficient. With the screw application, you also ensure the uninterrupted operation of your machinery and equipment, and take all screws under control.

Gerçek Zamanlı

Based on Real-Time

Each action in Vida can be viewed and tracked in real time via the application.

Her Yerden Yönetim

Access Anywhere

You can access Vida Application on the web, tablet and mobile devices.

Akıllı Yönetim

Smart Management

Vida also allows you to manage costs, inventory, energy consumption and production.

Aylık Ödeme

Monthly Payment

You can have the Vida Application with monthly payments instead of paying one time big investment.



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